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Why Consider a Pet Wellness Plan?

Pet Wellness Plans include cost savings and comprehensive preventative veterinary services for pet owners and their beloved companions.

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Affordable Care for Your Pet

"Bundling" a year's worth of preventative healthcare services into one means we can offer a reduced price.

Easier to Manage Your Budget

Plan around knowing your exact monthly costs for preventative care that we recommend with our plans.

Enjoy 10% Off Products & Services*

Save 10% on products and services when you sign up.
*Excludes online purchases, food and boarding.

Get Continuous, Quality Vet Care

Our team gets to know your pet and that helps us to monitor their health and provide the care they need.

Choose a Pet Wellness Plan

We offer wellness plans for all kinds of pets. For more details, click the plan that matches your pet.

Choose a Pet Wellness Plan


Small Dogs

Wellness Plan

Only$54Per Month

Save Over $110/Year

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Small Dogs, Paddock Park Animal Care Center

Medium Dogs

Wellness Plan

Only$56Per Month

Save Over $110/Year

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Medium Dogs, Paddock Park Animal Care Center

Large Dogs

Wellness Plan

Only$59Per Month

Save Over $120/Year

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Large Dogs, Paddock Park Animal Care Center

Giant Dogs

Wellness Plan

Only$89Per Month

Save Over $170/Year

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Giant Dogs, Paddock Park Animal Care Center


Wellness Plan

Only$35Per Month

Save Over $70/Year

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Cats, Paddock Park Animal Care Center
The Importance of Preventive Care, Paddock Park Animal Care Center

How does a Pet Wellness Plan Work?

Our clients are always looking to put their pet's health first. But as important as regular preventative care for your companion can be, we know that sometimes it can be financially difficult to cover these recurring expenses. 

Our Wellness Plans 'bundles' all the preventive services that keep your pet healthy throughout the year into an easy monthly payment plan, helping you save money and manage your budget.

What is included in a Pet Wellness Plan?

Our Pet Wellness Plans for cats, and dogs in Ocala include the essentials for your pet to thrive.

Our plans include annual and 6-month wellness exams, fecal exams, core vaccinations and heartworm testing. They will also include a year-long supply of heartworm, flea and tick prevention medications. 

The Importance of Preventive Care

Wellness exams are a comprehensive health checkup for your pet. They allow us to find and treat emerging health issues in your companion and checkup on their diet to ensure they are getting the daily nutrients they need.

Sometimes, your pet may appear healthy, but early signs of disease are lurking in their bodies. Sometimes without ever displaying any obvious symptoms. Because of this, we run bloodwork to make sure your pet stays in tip top shape.

Parasites can be dangerous for an animal of any size if not detected and treated promptly. Prevention provides the best protection against parasites, which is why we provide a year-long supply of tick flea and heartworm medication with our wellness plans. 

If your pet does become infected, our fecal exams and heartworm tests are designed to catch these life-threatening conditions, which are often undetectable until your pet gets seriously ill.

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Questions & Answers

Below are a few of the common questions clients ask about our Pet Wellness Plans.

Dog Wellnes Exams at Paddock Park Animal Care Center

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Paddock Park Animal Care Center always accepts new patients! Our team of experienced vets are passionate about pet health in Ocala and beyond. We welcome you and your beloved pet to our veterinary family.

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